Functional Self was created to help make achieving peak health easy. We aim to open up the world of holistic health to everyone who wants to improve their wellbeing. We act as the gateway to a broad spectrum of treatments and therapies that can help you achieve your optimal state.

Scientific research is constantly providing further understanding of the human body and how it can reach higher brain function and sustained energy.  At Functional Self, the question we keep asking is how can body and brain function be improved in order to allow people to be better at what they do day to day? That is the question that has brought about this site and the products that we stock – each one is able to provide improved brain and body function on a daily basis.

The Functional Self team have thoroughly researched, tried and tested every single product on the site and we believe these will help you on your journey to reach higher performance. Whether that journey is to achieve a short-term goal or to bring about a sustainable life ambition, we can help.

Remember that increasing your body and mind function with these products is only part of the journey, and should be combined with positive lifestyle changes to reach your highest level of health and vitality.

We are continually researching new products and working with industry leaders to bring you the best possible support to achieving your goals. Be sure you keep checking the website for the latest updates, research and health innovations that will help you reach your targets. Sign up to our newsletter or subscribe to our blog and we’ll deliver this information straight to your inbox.


Brad and Warren have a very keen interest in new research that uncovers human ability and performance, they have a thorough knowledge of the true meaning of health and live a lifestyle that completely reflects the Functional Self image. With an understanding of what fuels, fires and ails the body through studying Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® and Functional Medicine they are striving to pass on their profound knowledge to anyone wishing to learn. These two health performance pioneers are extremely passionate about health, wellbeing, peak performance and educating those interested in these topics. Brad and Warren both contribute to the Functional Self blog which provides their topical viewpoints and a host of information to help educate people on health and performance.

If you have a specific question related to your health and performance or the products on the website, send Brad and Warren a message and they will personally get back to you with their view and recommendations.


"Health should be easy, but it's often not.”

My goal is to bring the world an easier way to help lead a healthy life, keeping it simple and not over complicating it.

Brad Johnston, Founding Partner

"I love it that we are able to make real differences to our clients' lives.”

We walk our clients through the changes they need to make to address their main health complaints, whether that be digestive issues, weight issues, skin problems, low energy or poor sleep quality. We see it all.

Warren Turner, Founding Partner
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