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Bulletproof - The Mentalist Ground Coffee

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Bulletproof - The Mentalist Ground Coffee

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Super high quality, clean coffee that’s rich in antioxidants. 

  • Medium-dark roast, with dark cocoa and vanilla scents.
  • Feel energised and improve your performance with enhanced focus.
  • Ground coffee that can be used to make incredible coffee in your favourite way - by coffee maker, French press, moka, to name a few.
  • *Bulletproof are currently changing their product descriptions and branding so product packaging may differ to that shown. 



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    Bulletproof - The Mentalist Ground Coffee

    Detailed product information

    Bulletproof Coffee - The Mentalist is a medium-dark roast which is darker than the Bulletproof Original, but not as dark as the French Kick. It features dark cocoa and vanilla aromatics which open up to a rich, full-bodied coffee with cherry sweetness and notes of almond and caramel.

    This delicious blend can either be used to make standard coffee, or is prefect for combining with grass-fed, unsalted butter and Upgraded Octane Oil to create a famous Bulletproof Coffee.

    Because of the way they are manufactured, many commercial coffee beans contain high levels of mould toxins which can contribute to chronic health issues, but this coffee is different. It is produced using the proprietary Bulletproof Process which optimises every step of coffee production by minimising the opportunity for performance-robbing mould toxins.

    Bulletproof Upgraded beans are harvested at high altitude on single, passive organic estates in Guatemala without chemicals (herbicides, pesticides, etc.). Each bean is hand-picked by experienced coffee harvesters – skilled people who only pick perfectly ripe berries. When the coffee beans are not carefully hand-harvested, the beans can be mistakenly picked unripe and damaged, which impacts the taste and can possibly affect the way it makes you feel.

    After Bulletproof pick the ripest cherries, Bulletproof use the proprietary Bulletproof Process to create a special class of green coffee bean with minimised levels of harmful moulds, bacteria, and toxins. The beans are then medium roasted in small batches in the United States under the strictest conditions, which minimise the formation of toxins from the roasting process. Roasting the beans enhances their naturally occurring antioxidant capacity and flavor to provide you with a cup of coffee that has a minimised level of performance-robbing mould-toxins.

    The end result is the tastiest and healthiest coffee you will find. Drink on its own or use to make Bulletproof Coffee.

    Blijf gefocust en energiek

    Super hoge kwaliteit, schone koffie die rijk is aan antioxidanten.

    Medium-donker gebraden, met donkere cacao- en vanillegeuren.

    Voel je energiek en verbeter je prestaties met verbeterde focus.

    Gemalen koffie die kan worden gebruikt om ongelooflijke koffie te maken op uw favoriete manier - door koffiezetapparaat, Franse pers, moka, om er maar een paar te noemen.

    Bleiben Sie konzentriert und energiegeladen

    Super hochwertiger, sauberer Kaffee, der reich an Antioxidantien ist.

    Mitteldunkrster Braten, mit dunklen Kakao- und Vanilledüften.

    Fühlen Sie sich energiegeladen und verbessern Sie Ihre Leistung mit erhöhtem Fokus.

    Gemahlener Kaffee, mit dem Sie auf Ihre Lieblingsart unglaublichen Kaffee zubereiten können - mit Kaffeemaschine, French Press, Moka, um nur einige zu nennen.

    Restez concentré et sous tension

    Un café propre et de très haute qualité riche en antioxydants.

    Rôti moyen-foncé, avec des parfums de cacao foncé et de vanille.

    Sentez-vous sous tension et améliorez vos performances avec une mise au point accrue.

    Café moulu qui peut être utilisé pour faire un café incroyable de votre manière préférée - par cafetière, presse Français, moka, pour n’en nommer que quelques-uns.

    Manténgase enfocado y energizado

    Café súper alto y limpio que es rico en antioxidantes.

    Tostado medio-oscuro, con aromas oscuros de cacao y vainilla.

    Siéntase energizado y mejore su rendimiento con un enfoque mejorado.

    Café molido que se puede utilizar para hacer café increíble en su forma favorita - por cafetera, prensa francesa, moka, por nombrar algunos.

    Rimani concentrato ed energizzato

    Caffè pulito e di altissima qualità ricco di antiossidanti.

    Arrosto medio-scuro, con sentori di cacao scuro e vaniglia.

    Sentiti eccitato e migliora le tue prestazioni con una maggiore concentrazione.

    Caffè macinato che può essere utilizzato per fare un caffè incredibile nel tuo modo preferito - con caffettiera, stampa francese, moka, per cita citarlo alcuni.

    Suggested use: Either brew as you would standard coffee, or use it to create Bulletproof Coffee.

    Bulletproof Coffee: The high-energy fats in this recipe work with coffee’s natural caffeine to give you steady, sustained energy.

    • Start off with 8 ounces (approx. 237 ml) of filtered water fresh off the boil.
    • Add 2 ½ tablespoons of ground coffee from Bulletproof and brew.
    • Add 1-2 tablespoons of grass-fed unsalted butter and 1 serving of Bulletproof Brain Octane oil. (Bulletproof suggest starting with just 1 teaspoon of Brain Octane oil and gradually increasing the amount to 1-2 tablespoons).
    • Blend until frothy and enjoy.

    Aanbevolen gebruik: Zet zoals je standaard koffie zou zetten, of gebruik het om Bulletproof Coffee te maken.

    Bulletproof Coffee: De energierijke vetten in dit recept werken met de natuurlijke cafeïne van koffie om je constante, aanhoudende energie te geven.
    • Begin met 237 ml gefilterd water vers van de kook.
    • Voeg 2 1/2 eetlepels gemalen koffie van Bulletproof toe en zet.
    • Voeg 1-2 eetlepels ongezouten boter met gras en 1 portie Bulletproof Brain Octane olie toe. (Bulletproof stelt voor om te beginnen met slechts 1 theelepel Hersenoctaafolie en de hoeveelheid geleidelijk te verhogen tot 1-2 eetlepels).
    • Mix tot schuimig en geniet.

    Empfohlene Verwendung: Entweder brühen Sie wie Standardkaffee oder verwenden Sie ihn, um bulletproof Coffee zu kreieren.

    Bulletproof Coffee: Die energiereichen Fette in diesem Rezept arbeiten mit dem natürlichen Koffein des Kaffees, um Ihnen stetige, anhaltende Energie zu geben.
    • Beginnen Sie mit 8 Unzen (ca. 237 ml) gefiltertem Wasser frisch vom Kochen.
    • Fügen Sie 2 1/2 Esslöffel gemahlenen Kaffee von Bulletproof hinzu und brühen Sie.
    • Fügen Sie 1-2 Esslöffel ungesalzene Butter mit Gras gefüttert und 1 Portion Bulletproof Brain Octane Öl hinzu. (Bulletproof schlägt vor, mit nur 1 Teelöffel Brain Octane Öl zu beginnen und die Menge allmählich auf 1-2 Esslöffel zu erhöhen).
    • Schaumig mischen und genießen.

    Utilisation suggérée: Soit infuser comme vous le feriez pour le café standard, soit l’utiliser pour créer du café Bulletproof.

    Café bulletproof: Les graisses à haute énergie dans cette recette fonctionnent avec la caféine naturelle du café pour vous donner une énergie stable et soutenue.
    • Commencez avec 8 onces (environ 237 ml) d’eau filtrée fraîchement sur l’ébullition.
    • Ajoutez 2 1/2 cuillères à soupe de café moulu de Bulletproof et infusez.
    • Ajoutez 1-2 cuillères à soupe de beurre non salé nourri à l’herbe et 1 portion d’huile Bulletproof Brain Octane. (Bulletproof suggère de commencer avec seulement 1 cuillère à café d’huile Brain Octane et d’augmenter progressivement la quantité à 1-2 cuillères à soupe).
    • Mélanger jusqu’à mousse et profiter.

    Uso sugerido: Ya sea elaborar como lo haría café estándar, o utilizarlo para crear café a prueba de balas.

    Café a prueba de balas: Las grasas de alta energía en esta receta funcionan con la cafeína natural del café para darle energía constante y sostenida.
    • Comience con 8 onzas (aprox. 237 ml) de agua filtrada fresca de la ebullición.
    • Añadir 2 1/2 cucharadas de café molido de a prueba de balas y elaborar cerveza.
    • Agregue 1-2 cucharadas de mantequilla sin sal alimentada con hierba y 1 porción de aceite de octano cerebral a prueba de balas. (A prueba de balas sugieren comenzar con sólo 1 cucharadita de aceite de octano cerebral y aumentar gradualmente la cantidad a 1-2 cucharadas).
    • Mezclar hasta que esté espumoso y disfrutar.

    Uso consigliato: preparare come si farebbe con il caffè standard o utilizzarlo per creare Bulletproof Coffee.

    Bulletproof Coffee: I grassi ad alta energia in questa ricetta funzionano con la caffeina naturale del caffè per darti energia costante e sostenuta.
    • Iniziare con 8 once (circa 237 ml) di acqua filtrata fresca dall'ebollizione.
    • Aggiungere 2 cucchiai di caffè macinato da Bulletproof e brew.
    • Aggiungere 1-2 cucchiai di burro non salato alimentato con erba e 1 porzione di olio di ottano cerebrale antiproiettile. (Bulletproof suggerisce di iniziare con solo 1 cucchiaino di olio di ottano cerebrale e aumentare gradualmente la quantità a 1-2 cucchiai).
    • Frullare fino a quando non è schiumoso e godere.

    Ingredients: 340g of Bulletproof The Mentalist Ground Coffee

    Ingrediënten: 340g Bulletproof The Mentalist Ground Coffee

    Zutaten: 340g Bulletproof The Mentalist Ground Coffee

    Ingrédients: 340g de Bulletproof The Mentalist Café moulu

    Ingredientes: 340g de a prueba de balas El café molido mentalista

    Ingredienti: 340g di Bulletproof The Mentalist Ground Coffee

    Manufactured by:
    Bulletproof 360.
    1012 First Avenue, Suite 400
    Seattle, WA 98104
    United States

    Imported by:
    GBC Trading B.V. trading as Functional Self
    151 Kingsfordweg
    Amsterdam, 1043GU


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