At Functional Self, we are truly passionate about sustainability. We believe that human health is intrinsically linked with the health of the planet, and we are committed to protecting and giving back to our environment.

In 2020 we launched our sustainability model so that we can play a more active role in reducing waste, keeping the sea and the air clean and keeping our earth healthy. We have considered every aspect of our business - from our stable of brands and products, to our logistics processes, to the way our products are being produced, and how we package and ship them to your door. We are always looking for ways to improve our environmental footprint and we want to share our goals with you, as well as our journey so far in creating a fully sustainable Functional Self.


We have four key goals around sustainability.

  1. Improving how we ship your orders towards 100% sustainable packaging
  2. Working with our brands to improve the way products are packaged, moving away from plastics towards sustainable options including biodegradable packaging, aluminium tins and glass bottles
  3. Partnering with environmental charities focusing on land and sea
  4. Making our operations carbon neutral by introducing more locally sourced products and offsetting where necessary, and overhauling our logistic processes including consolidation of shipments to limit transport emission.










We donate a percentage of our profits to OneTreePlanted, a non-profit organisation focused on global reforestation.

Every time you shop with us, this helps us to plant more trees.

By choosing to shop with Functional Self, you've helped us achieve our goal of planting 2,900 trees in 2022, supporting reforestation efforts where they are needed the most.

Not only do trees clean our air and water and help regulate our climate, they provide important habitat for wildlife, provide economic outcomes, and improve our overall health.

We are proud to be reforestation partners with OneTreePlanted.  Find out more here.


By 2025 our goal is to make our operations carbon neutral by reducing our carbon footprint and offsetting carbon emissions where possible.

Here are a few ways we can achieve this:

  1. Plant more trees - partnering with OneTreePlanted allows us to give back to the environment and start our journey towards having carbon neutral operations.
  2. Reduce carbon pollution - our team works remotely and use video calling rather than in person meetings which drastically reduces our business travel. We are also sourcing local products to reduce airfreight across our business.
  3. Challenge our carbon footprint - we are looking into organisations to help with our carbon footprint. Offset Earth is one organisation who plants trees and funds carbon reduction projects around the world. This will help with carbon offsetting and enables us to contribute to projects that remove more greenhouse gasses that our own carbon footprint puts in.

We believe that every small step to becoming a more sustainable business, will make a difference.


At Functional Self, we want to do our part in building a more sustainable world. Introducing a greater range of sustainable products, and delivering these to you in earth friendly packaging is just the beginning of our sustainability transformation. Here are the latest metrics demonstrating our journey so far across all of our health brands, products and packaging.


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